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Other Programs

Afternoon Enhanced Nursery Programming

We offer 4 afternoon nursery programs for children 3 to 5 years of age. Perfect for your non napper! Each class runs from 1-3pm. Children registered in morning Kindergarten can attend our afternoon programs. 

These programs are broken down into 3-10 week sessions. $50/session per class. ($5/day)

Creation Station: Mondays
Mini Scientists: Tuesdays
Music and Movement: Wednesdays
Little Chefs: Thursdays

Session 1: September 16th to December 6th 2019
No classes: October 14th to 18th and November 11th to 15th

Session 2: January 6th to March 20th  2019
No classes: February 17th to 21st 

Session 3: April 6th to Jun 19th 2019
No classes May 18th to 22nd 

Registration forms can be downloaded here and returned to the centre. First come first serve. The centre is open 7am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

Emails will not be accepted as a way of registering. 30 spots in each program available. Registration will be ongoing until capacity has been reached. Completed Forms and post dated cheques must be brought into the centre to secure your child’s spot. 

Music and Movement

Our Music and Movement program is for children 3- 5 years of age. This year we have collaborated with a company called Bang a Beat. We will have a music therapist who specializes in early childhood education come to Music and Movement for a 1 hour session each week. The second hour of the program will focus on physical education as we have fun and get our bodies moving through a variety of games and activities. Please dress your child in comfortable clothing and athletic footwear. Children are asked to bring a labelled water bottle. 


Music and Movement in Early Childhood promotes:

  • Creativity

  • Express emotions

  • Sharing and cooperation

  • Listening skills, Improved language and literacy growth

  • Familiarizes children with musical heritage of various regions and ethnical backgrounds.

  • Stress relief and reduces anxiety

  • Builds confidence and self esteem 

  • Stronger bones and muscles

  • Better posture and balance

  • A stronger heart

  • A healthier weight range

  • Promotes leadership skills

  • Helps develop social skills and friendships

  • Leads to better focus and concentration during school

  • Develops problem solving skills and improves memory

  • Gives them more energy during the day and helps children sleep better at night



The Creation Station


Our Creation Station program is for children 3- 5 years of age. This ten week program will offer a combination of creative arts using a variety of mediums and recycled materials in addition to learning about famous artist throughout history.  Please provide a smock or old dress shirt.


Benefits of Art in Early Childhood:

  • Cognitive skill development

  • Social and emotional development

  • Promotes the use of their imagination, creativity, self identification

  • Critical thinking and inventiveness 

  • Observational skills

  • Cultural awareness

  • Fine motor development

  • Math and language skills

  • Allows for decision making and provides choice

  • Experiencing success 


Mini Scientists


Children are naturally curious and we want to support them every step of the way by introducing them to exciting experiments and activities. Teachers will guide them as they explore nature and the world around them both inside and out. Experiments and exploration can get messy so comfortable play clothes are recommended. 


Benefits of Science in Early Childhood:

  • Shaping thoughts and opinions 

  • Develop life long critical thinking skills

  • Learning to work with others and make observations

  • Develop tentative explanations and ideas

  • Sharing and listening skills 

  • Communication/language development

  • Sensory awareness

  • Mathematical skills 

  • Fine motor skill development 

Mini Chefs

This program will have children learning about healthy eating, where our food comes from and learn life skills along the way! Food prep, growing vegetables and so much more as we bake and cook using  a variety of child friendly recipes! This program will have children using cooking utensils that may include knives to cut up some foods. All food used is nut free. 


Benefits of cooking in Early Childhood:

  • Develops math science and comprehension skills

  • Exploration of different foods and an adventurous pallet 

  • Teaches good hygiene practices

  • Learning about their senses

  • Cleaning skills

  • Language development and reading skills

  • Lays the foundation for healthy eating habits

  • Eye hand coordination development

  • Builds self esteem and boosts confidence

  • Learning about safety in the kitchen

  • Interest in food and cooking that will last for life

  • Problem solving and creativity

  • Become self directed and independent

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