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Winnipeg Chito-Ryu Karate

Try it out every Wednesday 6:30 PM at Roblin Park Community Centre. All Ages Are Welcome!


Open training Days
Every Wednesday
Roblin Park Community Centre

Kids Class ages 14 and under

Adult Class ages 14 and up

For information, contact

Chito-Ryu is a traditional Japanese style of Karate. It offers self defence training as well as excellent physical conditioning. The students develop a greater sense of self-confidence, focus and learn to respect themselves and others. The karate classes are fun and interactive; no special athletic ability or skill is required. Chito-Ryu can be practised by anyone that has the motivation to improve themselves. Our style develops a well rounded fighter. It teaches striking, blocking, throws, joint locks, offensive and defensive attacks as well as rolls and break falls. We also offer a strong sport karate opportunity through Karate Manitoba, there's no limit to how far you can take the competition side of the art.

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